ComptiA Certifications


The CompTIA A+ certification is a 60-hour training course; designed by a team of subject matter experts working out and certified by CompTIA industry, helping those interested to upgrade their installation, configuration, support, and troubleshooting skills for PCs, mobiles, laptops, operating systems, scanners, and printers. 

Maryland Global Training Center (MGTC) offers a 60 hour CompTIA A+ Certification training to those interested to have the skills necessary to install, configure, support, and troubleshoot PCs, mobile devices, laptops, operating systems, scanners, and printers. The course material was designed by a team of subject matter experts working in the industry and certified by CompTIA. 

This course is designed to accommodate every student's learning need through individualized instruction, lab partners and group exercise, and independent study. The course will help professionals to acquire knowledge to become technical support specialists, IT support technicians, IT support administrators, help desk technicians, as well as prepare them to take the CompTIA exams ( A+ 220-1001- Hardware, A+ 220-1002).  

The A+ Exams breakdown is mapped with the content breakdown: 
Core 1 (220-1001)  
Mobile Device - 14% 
Networking - 20% 
Hardware - 27% 
Virtualization and Cloud Computing - 12% 
Network and Hardware Troubleshooting - 27% 
Core 2 (220-1002)
Operating Systems - 27% 
Security - 24% 
Software Troubleshooting - 26% 
Operational Procedures - 23%